The Great Outdoors

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Its been around 4 years, a little more than that. I have been practicing fitness via being in the outdoors; starting from my passion for running.

Actually it started way before that – with my passion for the outdoors – via trekking. Yes. Ofcourse! That was since the time I was a kid, the very first trip that I went on with my grandfather – he used to take us all the way to this place a couple of hours away from Bombay called Ganeshpuri and we trekked through a thick forest; there were gorgeous trees, at time I was a kid right, so I remember them as these huge tall trees with the most potent rain soaked smell. I was awe struck walking ahead on that soft spongy soil with my head craning away towards the sky searching for the tip of those trees. I could have taken flight right there, with the butterflies and disappear into the woods. It was gorgeous. It was beautiful. It was the outdoors.

I started travelling solo around the age of 19 back in 2004. Travelling was already a part of my DNA (what with my nani going broke on her road trip across Europe when she was of the same age! But that’s a story for later :)) And Mom is a brilliant writer, so that skill has been passed on to me in the family. Travel Diaries was my first and still is travel blog close to my heart. No matter where I go or what I do, I always come back with a story for my Travel Diaries. So that love affair will continue. But over the past few years I see myself veering towards a lot of fitness activities and that too in the outdoors.

So its not just walking on a trek in the outdoors, it is running trails in the outdoors or it is cycling or snorkeling, swimming. Did you know a 45 mins snorkeling session burns up to 800 calories as opposed to a measly 200 calories on a 20 mins treadmill session? I am fascinated with the idea of cycling from Bombay to Goa, something I hope to be apart of in early 2015.

Oh and swimming! Ironman Dr. Kaustabh Radkar has been conducting camps to get people familiarised with outdoor swimming which is another fascinating activity. He has competed in more than 10 Ironman races across the globe; That’s quite an inspiration. I have been practicing my swimming since a while now and I think I am ready to go out in the outdoors though I do have a little bit of experience swimming in the outdoors. Ah yes, I have done my Open water Dive certification in Maldives, and then again in Turkey where I was swimming in the open ocean with manta rays – there you get another element in the outdoors! It is almost like I had forgotten I had done all these things and it is coming back to me now – just as I tell you about it all. It might be just the same with you. Try to remember your outdoorsy memories? And do share with me 🙂

I’ve been quite outdoorsy and I want to extend this way of living of being fit via being outdoorsy to everybody around. I mean humans are meant to be outdoors, we are not meant to be sedentary so how about we get out of our cubicles and Let’s Be Outdoorsy?

Over the past few years I have met some of the most beautiful people all of whom seem to be either working or personally involved in some form of outdoor activity be it for work or for their passions. Interactions with them have taught me so much and those insights are something that I’d like shared on this platform.

It’s not just about me and my thoughts, I would like this to be a crowd sourced platform of stories, insights, experiences and events, about people who know a lot about the fields that they are in as well as accounts by people who are just about getting into the passion for the outdoors via fitness or passion for fitness via the outdoors; it is about their journeys testing the waters.

A lot of resources, information collected over time about people who facilitate this process. Be it healers, trainers, anybody who provides a service, infrastructure for outdoor training and fitness, a product to facilitate this process to something as unique as homemade energy bars as refueling options as opposed to sugar high drinks. All with the core value that you do not need too much to be outdoorsy, you can do with little. Just like the book “Born to Run’ inspires you to run barefoot, it clearly says that humans do not need to have the latest technologies to help facilitate running, all they need is their feet.

The logic is simple – go outdoors – get fit, be fit in the outdoors – let’s be outdoorsy.

Get in Touch: letsbeoutdoorsy@gmail.com

Twitter: @letsbeoutdoorsy


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